SAVO Mobile for Apple iPad®, iPhone® and RIM Blackberry®
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SAVO Mobile for Apple iPad®, iPhone® and RIM Blackberry®
Revenue generating initiatives succeed or fail based on sales execution. SAVO Mobile improves
sales execution by allowing road warriors to leverage the best possible information for each sales conversation, no matter where in the world they are. Sellers can research competitors, ask questions
of subject matter experts, and even share win stories directly from their smartphone or tablet, when
that information is most timely and relevant.
Savo mobile for ipad
Power sales conversations with impact, mixing traditional and rich media – like customer testimonials and recorded demos. Sellers can assemble their best content into kits that can then be pulled up offline and presented to a customer. Anytime a component in their kit is updated, the salesperson is automatically notified and can download the most current version to their iPad.
Savo mobile for ipad
Your sellers might be 1,000 miles from home, but with SAVO Mobile they've got every resource at their fingertips. When confronted with a sales objection or product question, SAVO Mobile connects sellers directly with subject matter experts who can answer those questions during the sales conversation, not hours or days later. SAVO Mobile fosters social collaboration with purpose, focused on driving sales execution.

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